Different Types of Xanax Bars

Types of Xanax Bars

Different Types of Xanax BarsXanax Bars

Primarily prescribed as an anti-anxiety medication, Xanax is a prevalent benzodiazepine used to alleviate anxiety and treat panic disorder. Xanax bars are the Alprazolam pills that contain 2 milligrams of the drug that come in a rectangular shape. They are called bars because of their shape.

Xanax Bars Effects

Xanax bars effects include anxiety suppression, disinhibition, sedation, and muscle relaxation. The medication has a quick onset of action and symptomatic relief. About 90% of Xanax bars peak effects get achieved within the first hours of ingestion for panic disorder, and full peak effects occur in 1.5 to 1.6 hours.

Dangers of Xanax Bars

Xanax bars are capable of producing strong sedative effects and can also lead to a lethargic state. It causes users to suddenly feel as if they are sleep deprived and need to work hard to stay awake at higher doses. It increases proportionally with dose and eventually becomes strong enough to force the user into a state of unconsciousness.

This usually precedes impaired motor skills and coordination with impact ranging from difficulty moving and motor impairment at lower doses to inability to stand or move and complete lethargy at high doses. When you mix Xanax bars with alcohol, it leads to memory loss and dangerous “blackouts.”

What color Xanax bars are the strongest?

Xanax comes in several different strengths. Xanax bars refer to 2 mg alprazolam tablets. They are white colored rectangular pills imprinted with “X ANA X” on one side and number “2” on the other side. These are scored pills (3 indents) to break them into four 0.25 mg doses.

Some other companies distribute Xanax bars in other colors. Pale green Xanax bars are 2 mg rectangular pills with an imprint of “S 90 3” and have two indents instead of three (as in the case of white Xanax bars) to be broken into three equal doses. Yellow Xanax bars are 2 mg tablets that are known to be the generic versions of the medication. They have an imprint of “R 0 3 9”

Different medicine manufacturers use different colors for their formulations. The lowest dose of Xanax is 0.25 mg, which usually comes as an elliptical or oblong pill scored in the middle. The highest strength of the Xanax dose is a 3 mg extended-release pill. Unlike rectangular tablets, these pills are triangular shaped and pale green in color.

Different Types of Xanax Bars

By prescription, the different types of Xanax bars are:

  • Green Xanax bars
  • White Xanax bars
  • Blue Xanax bars
  • Yellow Xanax bars
  • Pink Xanax
  • Peach or orange Xanax

Green Xanax Bar

Green Xanax bars S 90 3 are similar in strength to yellow and white Xanax bars that contain 2 mg alprazolam. Therefore, the effects of green, yellow, and white pills are the same. These tablets are also available in rectangular, oval, round, and triangular shapes, generally in the dose of 2 mg and 3 mg.

In the oval shape of a pill, they are known as green football (1 mg). Other street names of green Xanax bars include monster Xanax and green oval Xanax. Hulk Xanax is a slow delivery form with lower sedating effects.

Pink Xanax Bars

Pink Xanax is a common dose form of alprazolam with a strength of 0.5 mg, suitable for managing panic and anxiety disorders. These are oval or round-shaped pills that resemble a football. This is not a much widely produced form of alprazolam. Pink Xanax is available only on prescription, but people with benzodiazepine addiction may buy Xanax online without Prescription.

White Xanax Bars

White Xanax bars contain 2 mg alprazolam, having rectangular white-colored pills. They may produce strong sedation within minutes of consumption. It has three indents to split the medication into smaller doses. As they have a high strength of the active ingredient, it is not advisable to take them without a prescription or stop using them abruptly.

Manufacturers put their imprint on the pills such as “X ANA X 2” or “G 372 2”. White Xanax is also available in rectangular, round, oval, and triangular shapes with varying strengths of 0.25 mg to 2 mg.

Yellow Xanax Bars

Yellow Xanax bars R 0 3 9 are the generic version of the medication. The strength of yellow Xanax is 2 mg of alprazolam and has similar effects as green and white Xanax bars. The only difference is their color, and it is due to the fact that different medicine manufacturers make them in their unique color and style. The street names of yellow Xanax bars are school bus and yellow bus.

Blue Xanax Bars

Blue Xanax bars come in 1 mg and 2 mg strength of alprazolam, with 1mg dose available in an oval or elliptical shape. They contain one indent in the middle to break the pills into two 0.5 mg doses. The blue Xanax 1 mg pills have an imprint of “0 3 1 R,” while blue Xanax bars have an imprint of “B 7 0 7”. They are famous for the street names of schoolboys and blue sticks.

Peach and Orange Xanax Bars

Orange or peach Xanax is a low dose of the medication that usually comes in an oval shape. They contain 0.5 mg with an imprint of “257” on it. They have a low dose of medicine and are thus helping to treat less severe symptoms of anxiety.

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