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The Privacy Policy stated here discloses the means of information handling and sending medications by We use this information by adhering to the Privacy Policy. Here, we explain how we gather the information, use it, and protect it from any kind of exploitation. If not defined in this policy, certain terms discussed here will be explained in our Terms and Conditions.

Kindly pay attention to every detail furnished here. Your use of this website is understood as compliance with this Privacy Policy. In case of any issues, kindly restrain from its use.

Moreover, you must note that the Privacy Policy will get updated, modified, and/or revised from time to time according to the discretion, and it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated through frequent or periodic visits to our policy pages.

Information Gathering and Processing

Through our website, we gather some information related to you (personal and non-personal) in some way or the other. The major classifications of the information we gather include:

  • Personal Information:
    • Name
    • Gender
    • Contact details
    • Address
    • Phone number
  • Non Personal Information
    • New or existing user
    • Your inquiry
    • Requirements
  • Technical Information
    • Internet connection
    • Gadget-related information
  • Medical Information
    • Health aspects
    • Current health status
    • Mental condition
    • Doctor consultations
    • Tests undergone

We collect your information through:

  1. Our website (handed over by you)
  2. Using tracking technologies such as pixel tags, cookies, etc.
  3. The intermediaries like pharmaceutical dealers, doctors, experts with whom you may have had your services

What information do you provide

There is some information that you provide by yourself while using our website or its services, during various instances like:

  • User registration, new sign up, and payment methods through your responses for the feedbacks and inquiry made by you
  • Your searches on the website
  • The answers retrieved from you by our research and feedback forms
  • Your transactions made on the website for getting your question addressed
What we store

Without your prior consent or knowledge, through our actions on the website, we gather information using our latest technologies:

  • To deeply the know the patter of your use of our website
  • Your computer and internet connection details
  • Behavioral tracking using third-party websites and links

We gather the automated statistical data combined with the data voluntarily rendered by you for analysis. Moreover, we drive the result intending to improvise our website and services. Hence, our website can give you more customized features and benefits as gathering data and information provides us with an idea of:

  • The patterns and size of our audience
  • Your personal requirements and need for individualization
  • How to track, identify, and welcome back our existing and significant users
Cookies and Their Use

Amongst many tracking technologies we use (web beacons, pixel tags, etc.), Cookies are the most used ones. makes use of both temporary as well as permanent cookies. These cookies won’t identify the user but their web server as they visit our website. 

Cookies will help you with smooth navigation throughout the website and benefit us with information such as user traffic, number and time of pages viewed, bounce back rate, etc. It deeply enhances the user experience by providing deeper insights into the patterns.

Information From Intermediaries

We collect very little information from third parties and third-party websites. However, we act as intermediaries for the enactment of our services to the customers. These include:

  • Experts
  • Doctors
  • Pharmacies
  • Professionals
  • Ad partners
  • Analytics and technology supporters
Information Use

The data accrued is utilized in a variety of methods at the same time as rendering the offerings.

  • To enable smooth glide of fitness care providers to the person with the aid of both a medical doctor or a health care provider and assist the one’s experts with essential guide and facility in carrying out the fitness care operations.
  • To respond to your inquiries and needs.
  • Give you a technical guide and make our internet site a better one.
  • For making sure the non-public identification of the user and control the transactions completed of their account like making price and so forth.
  • To furnish the facts of our internet site inside the quality way for convenient utilization and pull you to have access to all of the services in a safe and secured manner.
  • Smooth communication among the person and all different intermediaries
  • Know the effectiveness of the commercial and rectify the method if wished
  • In the incidence of any kind of affiliation of the website with every other resulting from a merger, sale, etc., all the facts regarding the affiliation with us may be transferred to them.
  • To tell any type of updates inside the website.
  • Intentions for which you have given any felony consent.
  • To follow the country and federal law.
Information Disclosure

The information we gather, which cannot identify any person, will be used with no limitation. Any dissemination of the information to external parties would be only according to the law. We require your consent for disclosing the personal information as per the terms mentioned in our policies, which cover:

  • To process your inquiry.
  • For legal requirements
  • For matters that you have agreed to give information upon
  • For fixing appointments, receiving medical assistance, and other payment needs with health care providers.
  • To anyone who gets associated with us as a buyer, partner, merger, etc.
  • To affiliate and connect third parties who serve as intermediaries in terms of technical support, business management, or any legal requirement for the services we provide.

We never force you to disclose all the information to us. You can adjust your settings to control your information.

  • Tracking Technologies and Advertising:

You can choose to decline when you receive cookies by making changes to your browser settings accordingly. It may result in having access to some content of the website or its distributed functionality. 

  • Promotional Offers: 

By deselecting certain checkboxes in the given forms, you can request us not to use personal data from you for any marketing strategies. You can also reply to our promotional emails to ask us to omit you from further such emails. 

Information Accessing, Correcting, and Deleting

We are reachable at the email address provided in the Contact Us section. You can get in touch with us for modification of any personal information. We can also delete your personal account at your request. But that does not mean that the affiliates and third-party websites will also have to do the same. It depends upon their retention policy. We will not entertain any modification if it is against the law or for including any fake information. 

Data Security

The data and information are secure with us against the means of exploitation in terms of accidental damage or unauthorized activities. You must keep the password for your account with us safe and confidential. 

The information published by you on the website is accessible by all the users. As we all know, no information or data is safe on the internet; however, we give our best efforts to safeguard your information, although there is no guarantee over it. You provide your information at your own risk.

Third Parties

We are not responsible, blameworthy, or accountable for the privacy policy for privacy practices or data security of the third parties associated with us. Additionally, does not hold any guarantee for IT software or hardware, website, mobile applications, or even the whole device as such.

Use By Minors

A2Z Tramadol does not entertain users below the age of 18 years unless under the supervision of a parent or guardian. We have full authority to decline access to minors if we feel they do not have adequate consent.

A parent or guardian must agree to our policies on behalf of the minor before using the website. 

Privacy Policy Revision

The A2Z Tramadol has the right to bring in updates and modifications to this Privacy Policy. We will update the changes on this (Privacy Policy) page with the date of the last modification. Your acknowledgment of the policies proves with the continuous use of our website. Periodically check for the updates. 

We lay high priority on the privacy of our valuable users. Kindly take some time to read through our policies.

Our Need of Information

A2Z Tramadol strives to improve efforts to answer all your inquiries and requirements through relevant pooling of information.

Any time unsubscribe to our newsletters and emails by clicking on the link provided at the end of the emails sent by us. There are options to modify the choice of receiving our emails.

We assure you that your personal details or email address will not be disclosed to any third-party website or vendors.

Terms and Conditions

Please refer to A2Z Tramadol terms and conditions to know more about the liability and restrictions, the use of information and content on our website, and other disclaimers. 

Your Consent

We understand that you agree to the policies once you proceed with the use of our website.


The changes in the Privacy Policy can be brought into action at any time as per directions of the A2Z Tramadol. We will mention the last update at the end of the page.

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